Thursday, September 07, 2006

Cigar Anyone?

ABC is set to launch a new mini-series entitled "The Path to 9/11" that spotlights the events leading up to the terrorist attacks. And before the final editing has even been completed, politicians and other intelligence heavyweights are up in arms about the how factual this piece really is. Ironically, the ones making most of the fuss and demanding the show be either corrected or abandoned are the members of the former Clinton administration ... like they have any room to criticize anyone for handing the public bogus information and putting their own personal needs above the county's. Yeah yeah yeah, all the Clinton supporters will be filling up my inbox with claims of economic prosperity and low unemployment hoopla ... like that stuff just happens overnight after a wave of the presidential magical wand, give me a break! Anyway, my point is ... what are these people so afraid of? We, the majority of the American public, may actually get a glimpse of the early multiple warning signs that they chose to ignore and not take seriously? Or are they really upset over the validity of the material? Given the reputation of former President Clinton ... I'm leaning toward option 1.


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