Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Personal Diaries Gone Hi-Tech

After having an issue with identity theft (believe it or not ... someone actually wanted to be me), I have learned how easy it can be for someone to become you ... and quite frankly, it involves virtually no effort at all on the thieves part. I read an article today about how when people buy new cell phones, they typically either give their old phone to a friend or sell it for a minimal amount just to get rid of it. Either way, even if the old owner follows the memory deletion process perfectly, private information such as; credit card numbers, bank accounts and passwords, personal and corporate emails, contacts, old text messages and anything else that was ever stored or sent/received can be retrieved by inexpensive software found on the internet. Basically, a $40 cell phone bought from eBay can potentially be transformed into the best identity theft tool on the market. We are truly in the information age.


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