Sunday, August 27, 2006

Iraq: v2.0

I was thinking about the situation in Iraq over the weekend after I had read about some British troops that pulled out of a base to go home. The minute after they had left, Iraqi citizens wasted no time stripping the place clean of everything ... and I mean everything. Piping, sheet metal, wood, wiring ... anything, no matter how insignificant, was quickly tossed into the back of a pickup trucks in a finders keepers manner. Supposing these supplies were needed for basic living needs, this truly puts into perspective the dire situation in which these citizens live and further supports the theory that honestly ... our boys will never get out of there. Supposing these supplies were taken for resale and personal profit, again reaffirms the poor living conditions Iraqis face daily ... although one could argue that this could also be a landmark step in free enterprise too. Regardless, since we have found no weapons of mass destruction our purpose for toppling the government and occupying the country really has no point at all (excluding keeping our thumb on their oil supply). But now, we can't just up and leave because we have completely disrupted their way of life and the U.S. would carry a black eye for abandoning a needy country. What a mess indeed. Any way you look at it, when we pull out Iraq will ultimately fall right back to its old ways and habits rendering our efforts completely moot. Didn't we learn anything from Vietnam?


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