Sunday, September 03, 2006

Bigger Is Better

I saw a newscast from cnn today that left me with my jaw hanging open. Apparently, even kids are not immune from fashionable medication. Parents across the country are injecting their kids daily with growth hormones because their children (who range from ages 6-16) are short. That's right ... there's nothing medically wrong with them ... they're just short. Some parents were quoted as saying something to the effect of "What chance would my son have in the business world if his adult height turned out to be only 5'1" to 5'5"?" Other parents were quick to cite that smaller kids get picked on more at school, and administering growth hormones gives their children a more level playing field. In return fire, some of the interviewed experts claimed that although these hormones do in fact work, the problem really isn't with the child's height ... it is more than likely a lack of parenting skills in the teaching of basic social skills and a forgoing of instructing their children how to become adaptive to situations and learning to be resourceful. Other interviewed medical professionals said that quite simply, it's nothing more than parents designing what kind of kids they want. Either way you look at it this increased height doesn't come cheap, the average cost of this altitude enhancement goes for about $50,000 an inch! Gee ... tough choice here ... build my son four inches taller, or use that money to actually do something productive ... like send him to college!!!.


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