Saturday, September 17, 2005

Animal Justice ... Gone To The Dogs

If pets are part of the family, why then are there such lackadaisical laws about their mistreatment and abuse? The other day a local television news station reported on the evening news, that a home that housed horses on the property (I believe there were 9) was raided by Humane Society, SCPA, and local police. What they found was disgusting. Horses living in filthy conditions (of their own making, if you know what I mean) and so malnourished three had to be put down. Of course the animals that had a chance were relocated to "foster care", and abuse charges were filed against the couple that lived on the premises. Well, our justice system again has demonstrated it's ability to punish lawbreakers. Each of the persons was fined $2,000, and also ordered to pay for veterinary costs incurred and associated the neglected animals. Just a thought, the two probably saved much more than that by not feeding them. Who made out better here?


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