Saturday, October 08, 2005


Tonight, my wife and I went for ice cream at a local "friendly" establishment. When I ordered an interesting problem arose, peanuts are not available as an ice cream topping. As I have said before in a previous post, in some weird new national trend, individual rights outweigh the rights of the many. Consequently, because a miniscule fraction of patrons have a peanut allergy, nobody gets peanuts. Nobody. Oddly enough peanut butter ice cream, Reese's peanut butter cup toppings, and even peanut brittle are all available on the menu to order. If you know you have an affliction or negative reaction with coming in contact with a particular substance, why (as a somewhat intelligent human being) would even go to a place where you know there is an exposure possibility? For the sake of complaining? Are some people that desperate for attention?


Anonymous tothejenthpower said...

First off, I'm obligated to admit my sheer delight with the decidedly un-PC posts here. My hat? She's off.

At the risk of alienating any peanut-allergic readers (See? I'm already more gutsy that a certain "friendly" ice cream place!) - come on. I understand that such an allergy can be life-threatening, but my common sense tells me that the onus is on the allergic to avoid contact with the hazardous peanut. Certainly, a warning might be in order, but it seems odd that we're all expected to bend to conform to what is, essentially, a fluke of biology. What's next? A federal ban on shrimp in restaurants? After all, shellfish allergies are life-threatening, too - and, I might add, more common. I've already encountered resistance when attempting to order a rare steak. Sheesh!

When, I wonder, do we all become responsible for ourselves? If we're in such a position that a visit to an ice cream parlor is equivalent to a round of Russian roulette, then perhaps it'd be wise not to frequent a chain initially made famous by the CMP sundaes?

I know. I'm heartless. I'm in good company, though .. so is life. We can sue, legislate, and cover our asses 'til kingdom come, but - frankly - none of the bases will ever be completely covered. Life's a killer.

I think I'll make myself a big sundae, complete with nuts, in honor of the cowardice evinced by "friendly" restaurants. I'll leave the peanuts envy to the big chains.

October 10, 2005 8:39 PM  

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