Friday, October 28, 2005

Talk About "Things Going South" !!!

Yesterday, a local radio station sent one of their morning show personalities on the very first flight of a new carrier at the local airport. (Basically, a publicity stunt.) He was to catch a flight, hang out for an hour, and hop another ride back. This inaugural flight was set to depart Scranton PA, and arrive in Orlando FL. The trip did not experience anything out of the ordinary ... until the disc jockey called in, just before take off, to the studio via cell phone to join in the show. Although I did not hear the interview, the outcome was all over the local news here. Apparently, during the phone conversation (which was being broadcasted live over the radio station airwaves) the comment was made that the gentleman sitting in front of him looked like a terrorist. I'm really not sure how one is able to ascertain that from appearance, I guess the man was either wearing a t-shirt that said "I am a terrorist" or waltzed on the plane brandishing weapons in an obvious fashion. If neither of those happened, it's just a case of random ethnic stereotyping at it's finest. Anyway, when the plane landed in Florida, it was immediately sent to a separate area where the FBI and Homeland Security were patiently waiting to inspect the aircraft and all occupants. The "terrorist", was lead from the plane in handcuffs, and interrogated. Everything worked out alright and no charges were pressed. True story.


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