Saturday, October 29, 2005

Thanks For Being True To The Badge

Paid or volunteer, it's a sad day when emergency workers abandon their responsibilities as public safety officials. Public trust to Police, EMS, and Fire Departments across the country should not, for any reason, ever be compromised. To just get up and leave your assignment, and the people you protect, goes against everything the emergency services stand for. Some may say, that these individuals departed to tend to family members hit by the storm. I would respond to that by saying, "Of all people to be prepared or evacuated, I would think first responders would heed the warnings of impeding storms and associated damage, and make sure their families did too." Although this exodus of emergency personnel was a disgrace to all who serve in the related fields, the general public should know there are thousands of highly skilled and dedicated professional (applies to paid or volunteer) people out there willing to help a stranger at a moments notice, for no other reason but the sake of knowing they helped.


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