Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Beat Goes On

It's no secret that musical tastes vary from one generation to the next. Just think back to your early - late teenage years, and you can probably (in a very vivid recollection) hear your parents in the background complaining about that "noise" you listen to. Some parents of my friends even went so far as to compare their children's music to "the devil's tongue", but I'm quite positive these same parents didn't grow up on Mozart, Bach, and Handel. In fact I'm willing to bet that Mom and Dad's parents said that the early rock and roll of the 50's and 60's was a musical distortion to the ear, and would only corrupt the minds of kids with explicit song lyrics and provocative dancing ... yet, with a very small percentage chemically imbalanced for life, most turned out just fine. As I get older, and slowly step out of the younger generation arena, I too find some music lines have a very angry tone, are sometimes incomprehensible, and occasionally just flat out indecent. This all seemed to happen around the same time I noticed my favorites on the oldies station.


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