Thursday, November 03, 2005

Big Help ... Or Big Business?

Many of us have seen or heard the ads for religious children's organizations seeking donations to promote a healthier life and provide an education for youngsters and adults alike in locations that would never have an opportunity to do so. I'm sure all donations sent are used to their fullest potential, and change many lives for the better. But if these charities are so hard pressed for funding, why do they spend such a large amount of money advertising on television? (I can only imagine the cost of primetime advertising on a major network would not come inexpensively when done on a daily basis.) Why not a mail campaign? Why not newspaper ads? Why not coordinate efforts with churches and other organizations on a local level to get public interest? The American Red Cross doesn't even come close to occupying as much time on my radio or t.v. annually, as do these children's organizations ... and look at the amount of aid they have delivered with disaster relief efforts from the recent hurricanes. Either charity, ultimately, is a blessing to someone somewhere and that's what really counts. And the fact people donate anything they may spare to help others, is noble indeed. But, personally, I would get a little fired up knowing I paid for a commercial.


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