Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Honey ... The Ghosts Are Here!

Last night, many kids came to my door in a wide variety of costumes and masks to reap the culinary benefits of Halloween. Yes, I gave candy. Not healthy snack bars, fruits, pocket change, or little toys ... good old fashioned sugar loaded chocolate. (I take quite a bit of humor in knowing that Mom and Dad have to put up with their kids wound up on sugar for the next two weeks ... so I gave generously.) But I could not help notice that some of the costumes were hand crafted, obviously by the one wearing them. Although in some cases unrecognizable, either from my lack of knowledge about current day "super heroes" or a deficit to blatantly see what the ensemble was supposed to be through the intricate kid workmanship, the outfits definitely were scary, funny and creative. It's nice to see communities come together, and open their doors to strangers ... even if it's only for one night.


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