Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Just Don't Fly ... You'll Be Safe

Due to the large volume of ticket holders taking to the skies today, many agencies are urging passengers to wear shoes that are easily removable, and to limit carry-on baggage to a minimum in an attempt to speed up the security screening process. It's very comforting to know that anyone planning on doing harm to airline customers would never have thought of any other conceivable way to either get weapons or personnel aboard an aircraft. And of course, the other plus is that terrorists in the United States always travel via the friendly skies, that's why it's the only place that checks for these suspicious characters. Unlike European terrorists that prefer trains and buses as their primary means of transportation and detonation, or Japanese terrorists that are partial to the very efficient, yet poorly ventilated underground trains and subways. It's a good thing that these murderer's operations are so predictable, because this explains why the Department of Homeland Security has not really done all that much since it's inception. The SOP is obviously; Watch the airport ... wait ... and they'll come to you.


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