Wednesday, November 30, 2005

For Security Reasons

This is one for the record books! One day, I needed to stop by the county courthouse to pick up some important documents. And, because the government operates on a different schedule than the rest of us, the only time that I was allowed to pick these papers up was between the hours of 10:00 am and 3:00 pm Monday through Friday. (This was quite an inconvenience due to my work schedule.) But, I managed to break free one day and make the trek downtown and get this issue taken care of. Upon entry of the building, I was greeted by four Sheriff's Office Deputies that were stationed at the front door for security purposes. I was asked to walk through the metal detector, and promptly failed to pass the screening because I carry a stainless steel multi-tools on my belt for work. After removing the tool and passing through the detector again, I received a passing grade. But, I was informed that I had to return my all-in-one instrument to my vehicle before I would be allowed inside the building ... for security reasons. As I looked over the officer's shoulder, and I could not help but notice a large steel box with individual compartments and locks on it. I asked what it was for, and was informed that the objects in question were lockers for people to check their firearms in upon entry. I then had to ask, "Let me get this strait ... if I came here with my sidearm I could check it in ... and you guys would lock it up for me until I get back?" "Yes sir." the officer replied. "But, I have to leave the premises to put a tool back in my car? You can't lock that up?" I asked. "That is correct sir ... for security reasons, we cannot be responsible for that tool." the officer told me. So I pressed on, "You're willing to assume responsibility of my firearm ... and not, for all intents and purposes, a pocket knife?" "Correct." he answered. So, I decided to take a survey of the people still in line. "Does this not make sense to anyone else here but me?" I asked the crowd. I was then told to either return the tool to my car, or be escorted from the grounds ... and I still needed to get my important papers so I returned the tool. But with this new information I had just learned, I couldn't help but wonder if keys and nail clippers are on the dangerous weapons list too. And, thank God I didn't have any stainless steel rods, screws, or plates in my body ... that would have gotten messy.


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