Friday, November 25, 2005

Bargain Hunters Vs. Deer Hunters

Well ... it's here, "Black Friday". To many women, and some men, this is an annual tradition of holiday shopping at it's finest. Arrangements for tactical shopping plans and store by store scheduling have been done for some time, and all that these eager shoppers need now is the stores to open. Early morning wake up times, frigid temperatures, long lines, traffic jams and fist fights can't keep these bargain hunters away ... after all it's the post Thanksgiving tradition. Many men scoff at their spouses for partaking in the holiday madness, and even find a bit of humor in the fact that their loved ones will return home stressed out, frustrated and swearing this is the last year they are doing this. But just three days from now, is the first day of deer season. To many men, and some women, this is an annual tradition at it's finest. Arrangements for ammunition, warm clothes, and food have been taken care of for some time and all these hunters need is the sun to come up. Cold temperatures, missed shots, other hunters in their area and just the fact you need to wear orange so you don't get shot doesn't deter these people at all ... after all it's tradition. Many women scoff the fact that their loved one will return home upset about the lack of deer even seen, new barbed wire that wasn't there last week, and the fact that "the scope is off ... it must've got bumped". My point is, how ironic these two dates are located so close to each other on the calendar.


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November 25, 2005 7:04 PM  
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