Friday, December 16, 2005

Travel Guides ... Nah, Take Advice From Someone Who Has Actually Been There

Has anyone else ever wondered if travel agents and various travel representatives have any clue what they're selling you? Sure, they'll tell you what areas to go to ... and what sights to see, that's fine. But to truly experience the culture of your travel destination, you need to get off the beaten tourist path. Personally, I hate being shuffled around like cattle at every tourist trap in town. Give me a back alley pub or the local restaurant, I need to meet local people and learn about this place from those who live here everyday ... not take home cheesy posed pictures of myself standing in front of every landmark in the city. After all, wasn't that the reason for the trip ... to make memories? I have found such a blog that is full of vacation plans, advice, and interesting bits of information about many popular destinations. puts together a generous amount of travel plans, while keeping in mind that nothing beats the true local experience.


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