Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Economy Is Doing Great ... For Me

There seems to be quite a bit of economical reassurance going on in Washington lately, and quite frankly ... that scares me. Many American's wallets are now feeling the post holiday pinch compounded with rising home heating bills and escalating daily living expenses, leaving nothing extra. I guess it's easy to promote prosperity, when a self appointed pay raise is only a vote away ... the rest of us are forced to devise more resourceful ways to meet our rising financial obligations with less. I'll bet the 35,000 Ford employees may tend to disagree about this country's economic well-being. This shoddy attempt to boost consumer confidence is about as believable and humorous as a clip in "The Naked Gun" where Frank Drebin (Leslie Neilson) is standing in front of a burning fireworks factory telling onlookers "there's nothing to see here ... keep moving!"


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