Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Too Bad You Can't Strike Out In Parenting

Good Morning America did a story the other day about a sixteen year old girl who was the victim of a peeping tom. Apparently, a neighbor (that the family didn't know) would sneak over in the mornings before he left for work to have a peek into the girl's room while she was dressing for school. So the father installed a security camera outside the house to catch the perpetrator in the act. Personally, if some sicko was sneaking through my yard to stare at my daughter through her bedroom window ... I wouldn't be installing surveillance cameras, I'd be loading the shotgun! Strike one Dad. When ABC interviewed the girl, she stated that she would be emotionally traumatized for the rest of her life from this experience. Way to go Dad ... strike two! Not only were you born without "a set", you raised yet another self absorbed drama queen. And as if you haven't screwed this up enough already, you take your family on national television to share your story ... strike three, you're out.


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