Friday, February 17, 2006

Hitting It Big?

The multi-state lottery Powerball jackpot has rolled over yet again, and is now worth 365 million dollars. This prompted me to wonder about the effects of landing such a large sum of money ... if I were to win. After becoming an overnight millionaire, I'm sure distant relatives (whether fictitious or factual) would come out of the woodwork ... "'cause they haven't seen me in so long", of course. And you can bet "friends" would be at the door everyday wanting to "catch up on old times". But winning such a large jackpot really wouldn't change me that much, although I would have a great time spending my new found fortune in the most irresponsible ways. For instance, I'd call all the furniture stores in town to furnish my house. The instructions I would give would be simple ... bring it all, what ever I don't like, I'll burn in the backyard. I would also probably get myself a newer car, the "heep" isn't getting any younger. People that claim that winning a large lottery jackpot changes their lives, in my mind, clearly were not happy with themselves to begin with. And unfortunately, they won't figure that out until the money is spent.


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