Sunday, February 12, 2006

Quite The Sportsman

Isn't a great feeling when the same people sending our troops off to war can't even observe basic firearm safety themselves? How exactly does someone "accidentally" shoot a fellow hunter? This mishap is a clear violation of the common sense/basic rules to handling firearms. Obviously ... we need a refresher. Rule #1: Always treat a firearm as though it were loaded. Rule #2: Never point a firearm at anything you are not fully prepared to kill. Rule #3: If you don't have a clear shot (including wherever the bullet may go), DON"T TAKE IT! I guess the quail must have landed of Mr. Cheney's friend's shoulder, and the V.P. said "Harry ... don't move ... there's a quail on your shoulder ... I used to be quite a good shot in my day ... hold verrrrrry still." Apparently, Mr. Cheney is no Annie Oakley.


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