Wednesday, February 15, 2006

HDTV: Overpriced Entertainment?

Many televisions networks are now broadcasting in High Definition, and that prompted me to check out this wonderful new service. Now, I've been told by many friends that "the picture is so good, it looks like it's coming right out of the screen at you" and I've also heard it compared to as "a lifelike picture". I did notice fine lines to be much more defined ... and that's about it. The "picture coming right out of the set at me" was reminiscent of the 3D fad some years ago ... minus the funky glasses. Unless your set is at least 45 inches or larger, there really is no reason to spend the outrageous amount of many for the HDTV upgrade. Honestly, the only advantage to owning a High Definition television is the fact you own one ... that's it. Unless broadcasters find a way to improve picture quality for smaller t.v.'s (ones the average consumer actually buys and uses), HDTV is nothing more than expensive bragging rights.


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