Sunday, February 19, 2006

Discovering The Talent Within

Over the years, the Olympics has seen the introduction of new sports to the list of games that athletes compete at. Although it is fun to watch the traditional sporting events such as figure skating, downhill skiing, mogul races, and speed skating, I personally find the newer additions to the Olympics a little more intriguing. Reason being, some people are just born with a knack and talent for certain sporting events. And somehow in the course of their life, find out they possess this gift (more than likely, they find out by trying it.) But, when in daily life do people find out they have a talent for the ice luge, long jump, or freestyle skiing? I'm not doubting the talents of the athletes that compete in these sports, just wondering how they ever found out they were good at it. I have skied for years and not once ever thought of hitting a jump to go 40 feet in the air and measure the distance from ramp to landing. Or felt frisky enough to go up a steep incline at high speeds to see how many twists I could do in the air. And honestly, laying on a sled that is nothing more than a garage creeper with blades, and going 75 MPH down a track built from ice just never made it to my "to do list". Entertaining to watch ... oh yeah. My cup of tea ... no way.


Blogger alyceclover said...

Standing at the top of a ski slope looking down, wondered the same thing about skiers, where did they get nerve to attach pieces of wood to their feet and shove off, "here we go", trusting that they'd arrive safely at the bottom of those mountains. The popularity of Roller Coasters kind of answers the question, people just like the thrill.

February 26, 2006 5:26 AM  

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