Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Taking Care Of Business

Robert McCormick, formerly of the Savvis Communication Corp., racked up a reported $241,000 on his company American Express card from frequenting a local strip club, $20,000 of which was allegedly spent on one night in October of 2003 alone. (I would only think you could fit a certain number of VIP visits into one evening ... but I could be wrong.) Anyway, both Savvis and McCormick refused to pay the balance of the debt causing the credit card company to file a lawsuit against the club, the corporation, and McCormick. A settlement was reached between all parties, and the suit was dropped. But the entire thing left me thinking; Robert McCormick will probably never be able to live down the self inflicted corporate black eye and exploitation of company trust that he so blatantly abused for the sole purpose of nothing more than personal enjoyment ... but he must be one heck of a guy to party with! And after tossing around that much dough, I'm sure he'll land on his feet somewhere after making so many new friends at the club.


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