Tuesday, March 07, 2006


In today's morning newspaper, I caught a story that was more than just a little out of the ordinary. A local man took his SUV to the dealership for a headlight that was burnt out. When the mechanic went to replace the headlamp, he found way more then just your typical wiring accessories. Upon removing the access panel to the headlamp assembly, the technician found sixteen pounds of marijuana neatly tucked away in there. The dealership contacted the police, and the owner was questioned. Judging by the age of the contraband, the cops felt as though the drugs were placed there well before the current owner had possession of the car. Apparently, the vehicle was originally sold to a rental company, then went to auction in New York, was purchased by a local dealer, and then resold to the present owner. Due to the fact the police probably will not be able to determine who put the dope there, they asked (in the article) that the owner of the marijuana to come forward to claim it. Yeah ... right ... they'll come forward ... about the same time D.B. Cooper turns himself in.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This likely happens every day.. but its a rare occurance for the person who finds it to TELL HIS BOSS! God Damn! herb is usually worth at least 2000 a pound..

March 10, 2006 11:32 PM  

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