Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Official VA Press Release: "Oops ... Sorry."

Years ago, 26.5 million personal records would have taken up several floors, if not an entire small building, to store. But thanks to modern technology, such information can easily be made so portable in any number of computerized devices ... it just walks away. Thanks to a careless VA employee, over 26 million veterans and veterans spouses personal information such as social security numbers, date of birth, and current address are more than likely compromised. Basically, enough information to create the biggest identity theft in history. But fear not, the VA is taking this situation very seriously. The wrath of the bureaucratic iron fist wrapped in red tape has ruthlessly come down on the employee that lost the records by mercilessly placing them on "administrative leave", and the VA really went to bat for the vets who so selflessly served this country by issuing a public statement informing them to monitor their credit for any possible fraudulent activity ... basically saying, "Yeah ... we screwed up ... hope everything works out o.k. for ya." Heads should roll for this one.


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