Sunday, July 23, 2006

Completely Powerless

The natives are getting restless in Queens, New York after an estimated 25,000 Con Ed customers lost power during last weeks heat wave. "If this were an area of 100,000 people in upstate New York, the governor would have declared it a disaster area.", said Rep. Joe Crowley, (D) N.Y. at a news conference in the borough of Queens, which officials often complain is overlooked. NYC Mayor Bloomberg stated that Con Ed personnel are working around the clock to restore power as soon as possible, and also went on to say that the city planned to reimburse small businesses for up to $7,000 in perishable losses and that an emergency loan fund would be announced within a few days. Although the intentions are good (I guess), $7,000 for lost perishables to small business owners who may not have insurance for lost goods, does nothing than offer a bit of humor in a time of disaster. As for the establishment of an emergency loan fund, bureaucratic red tape will more than likely tie up the funding that businesses need to get up and running again ... if it surfaces at all. I'm personally amazed that the estimated 25,000 people haven't yet rioted on the doorstep on Con Ed, after paying those ridiculous charges on their bills marked "line maintenance" and "connection fees" and finding out absolutely none of that money has gone to upgrade their service in any way.


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