Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Making Memories

In an attempt to boost revenue, starting this September US Airways plans to sell advertising space on air sickness bags. Honestly, I found the barf bag advertising idea to be quite brilliant. I can't remember the last billboard I passed driving down the highway or even recollect what t.v. commercials were on during the last round of commercial breaks, but I can remember exactly the last time I got airsick ... even 14 years later, I can still recall what the bag smelled like (empty). No mystery here, the key to advertising is getting the would be consumer to remember your product. Just like how the "I've fallen and I can't get up!" lady, or the ever popular "Freedom Rock" music compilation have been forever etched in our minds, not because of their everyday usefulness or enormous contributions to society, but rather because the advertising commercials were so bad they were funny. Some companies, such as motion sickness medicine manufacturers, have been considering advertising on these barf bags ... what better way to convince someone to use your product. But think of the possibilities here, for a fair price pictures could be printed on the inside bottom ... who wouldn't like to fill one up if Jeff Gordon's picture was there? Personally, I would purposely print "Is It Me?" upside down ... a surefire way to make an indelible impression.


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