Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Money Laundering 101 Or Dye Trying

I just can't get enough of stupid people doing stupid things ... here is yet another fine example of idiots at their best. Anthony Digiosaffatte and Paul Villanueva stole $65,000 at gunpoint from a bank in Queens, New York. During the heist, they specified to the bank employees not to insert, or attempt to insert, any dye packs into their loot. With no such luck, the packs exploded shortly after leaving the bank therefore making the money completely useless ... or so one might think. You see, these guys aren't your typical bank robbers ... they're much smarter than all the others out there. These two guys checked into a motel, put the money in a mesh bag (the kind used for machine washing delicate clothes), and proceeded to put it through an extensive amount of repetitive wash cycles in the hopes of cleaning off the dye. Authorities had no trouble finding these MENSA candidates, and they are currently being held without bail.


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