Saturday, July 22, 2006

Extending A Hand In Friendship

A Michigan man found guilty of driving without insurance last December found himself back in court this week facing charges the of one count of assaulting a police officer and two counts of assaulting a public officer. John Curtis Ridgeway was seen opening a vile of an unknown substance and rubbing it on his hands shortly before shaking hands of the arresting police officer, bailiff, and assistant prosecutor during his December jury trial. All three reportedly felt ill within an hour, and suffered nausea, headaches, numbness, and tingling for about twenty four hours causing two of the three to seek medical attention at the hospital. Ridgeway testified that the substance was olive oil, and he used it to anoint "corrupt buildings" because it was meant to rid the buildings of demons. Mr. Ridgeway was acquitted of the assault charges against him. I found this story incredibly ironic because so many people are so health conscience about every aspect of their lives, yet something so simple as the possibility of a contaminated handshake is overlooked so many times on a daily basis. Anointing corrupt buildings my doopa ... this was a carefully thought out plan for revenge.


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