Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Time To Color Up And Cash Out

In this mornings local newspaper, I read that Congress is attempting to pass legislation that would prevent credit card companies from paying charges made by their customers to online gambling sites and online casinos. The article went on to say that charges applied toward legalized and monitored gambling establishments, such as horse tracks, would be allowed to continue to collect credit card payments. Proponents of this bill say its intention is to curb off shore based online gambling that is not monitored or regulated. Personally, it sounds like a classic case of sour grapes to me ... if Uncle Sam can't make a buck on it somehow, Uncle Sam makes it illegal. Although I really do appreciate lawmakers in Washington caring so deeply about my personal financial well being, the fact remains it's MY MONEY (that by the way ... I already paid taxes on) AND I'LL SPEND IT HOW I CHOOSE ... after all, I EARNED IT! I'm sure that every bleeding heart out there could recite facts and figures about how gambling is an addiction and how the American nuclear family would be ripped apart at the seams because the family homestead is in foreclosure and Mom just can't stop putting down $100 a hand at the online blackjack table, but hey ... you can't save 'em all ... they made their bed ... get over it. Here's the bottom line; Who do our elected officials think they are telling us (their bosses) where we can and cannot spend our own money when they themselves are the epitome of financial irresponsibility? Land of the free, huh?


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