Thursday, August 17, 2006

Earth: Eventually In The Bulls Eye?

Good news ... the International Astronomical Union has set up a special task force to monitor the heavens for comets and asteroids that can potentially strike the Earth, although there are currently no counter measures in place (or even close to being developed) for such a situation should the group find a space object that may be on a crash course with this planet. But, at least I can now sleep easier at night knowing somebody is watching out for me ... whew, what a load off my mind. I guess that early detection for this kind of event is essential for getting the word out quickly around the world so everybody has a chance to be informed as to what is about to kill us all ... because the world does have a right to know. What's worse is that anyone surviving such a disaster (providing the damage is localized) is really in for shocker when they find out their insurance policies for their home, car, business and just about everything else, only cover meteor damage ... not asteroid or comet damage. Boy, that would just ruin my day.


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