Thursday, August 10, 2006

Sometimes It's Just Better To Quit While You're Ahead

A Las Vegas defense attorney's case was thrown out of court the other day when he allegedly showed up intoxicated for trial. Joseph Caramango explained to the judge that he had been drinking the night before, and was 90 minutes late for the proceedings because his car was rear ended on the way to the courthouse. Mr. Caramango brought a woman that he claimed to be his girlfriend as a witness to support his story. But when questioned she not only told the judge that he introduced her by the wrong name, she also stated that the two had only met twenty minutes ago in a coffee shop. The client Mr. Caramango was representing on this day was on trial for an alleged kidnapping, and faces a possible life sentence in jail. I guess is some cases, it pays in more ways than one to go with the court appointed lawyers. On the bright side, if Mr. Caramango's career as a criminal defense attorney doesn't pan out ... there's no doubt in my mind there is a great future for him in DUI representation.


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