Friday, August 11, 2006

Past The Point Of Practical

After the recent terrorist plot had been foiled by British authorities, airports around the globe have beefed up security measures for all commercial flights whether they be domestic or international in nature. In addition to even more rigorous searches and screenings, passengers can also expect extremely longer wait times for boarding clearance and can bet on delayed (if not cancelled) flights. Because of the information that came to light about the planned bombings, airline travelers are now forbidden to carry any type of liquid or gel. All such items will be confiscated by security screening personnel and promptly discarded in the trash. Between the extended wait times, redundant carry on baggage screenings, background checks, lack of basic hydration, and hoping the security computer likes your last name enough not to flag you and cause hours of proving your identity to federal agents that assume your a terrorist until proven otherwise ... it may just be easier and less aggravating to drive.


Anonymous Alisse said...

Just wondering...why is it that security measures tend to be beefed only when a recent major issue or situation has come about? Shouldn't it be that security measures should always be according to set standards?

On the order hand, what has our world come to, that it has become more difficult and risky to travel around even in one's own hometown? Isn't there any more a respect for one's life, I dread that time will come when advancements in technology, and cleverness of some people would be even more complicated such that deadly weapons could look like the tamest and safest of items, and would easily avoid detection.

August 16, 2006 2:17 AM  

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