Monday, August 14, 2006

Jerry Springer? Who Next ... "Mini Me" From Austin Powers???

I have never been a fan of ABC's Dancing With The Stars, but I might actually tune in to the season premiere on September 12th for no other reason than because Jerry Springer will make his dancing debut. As do many other Americans, I love catching an episode of the Jerry Springer Show when I can. Even though we all know the guests are actors, there's just something about the rawness of the show we all can relate to ... and for just about all of us, secretly enjoy. ABC is really taking their life in their hands with this one because ballroom dancing will never be the "gentle" sport that it was once considered after Springer gets through with it. I can see it now ... the crowd shouting "Jerry! ... Jerry! ... Jerry!" And one can only imagine what would happen if Springer got voted off ... fist fights in the audience, chairs flying through the air ... the entire set would be pandemonium! Now that is something I would make a point to watch every week. Maybe I'll start my own reality t.v. series called "Ballroom Dance Hall Crashing", and every week the contestant with the lowest combined score of; items destroyed/people injured/and destructive intent and presentation will be voted off by the viewers ... I'd bet the ratings would be through the roof.


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