Friday, August 18, 2006

Who Has Driven A Ford Lately?

There ... it finally happened ... the American public has finally spoken! Ford Motor Company announced it will temporary shut down 10 assembly plants across North America in an effort to cut its fourth-quarter production by 21 percent. Due to a withering demand for pickups and SUVs, the auto giant has no choice but to pull back production. I, like countless other Americans, would like to attribute this lack of vehicle sales to that overplayed possibilities commercial that is yet, many months after it's debut, still airing on just about every commercial break on every network. I do feel sorry for the families whose relatives may be out of work due to this cutback ... but, I would like to take this opportunity to say IN YOUR FACE FORD ADVERTISING EXECS!!! Maybe you should take your own advice and "go where you want ... do what you please" ... AND FIND ANOTHER JOB!!! Apparently the old adage was incorrect about hearing something enough times and it becoming the believed truth, because trying to sell cars through subconscious repetitious advertising obviously didn't pan out for you ... God knows you've tried.


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