Saturday, August 19, 2006

Coup Anyone?

As if our military isn't already spread out all over the world "defeating terrorism", now we can add Lebanon to the long laundry list of countries President Bush feels that the United States needs to intercede what's currently going on there with military action to defeat terrorism. In a radio address Mr. Bush stated, "We will defeat the terrorists by strengthening young democracies across the broader Middle East." My interpretation of that remark? Simply put, we will invade and occupy any country whose government does not fit our agenda, or that we cannot easily influence to meet our needs. I guess after the judge ruled Bush's phone tapping program unconstitutional the other day, George W. went back the White House, kicked the dog in the ribs, and decided the American public eye is still too well focused on his complete disregard of their constitutional rights, and the only way get it looking in the other direction was to start more wars. Thank God the presidential term is only four years long ... and he just hasn't found the time to get around to changing that one yet.


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