Sunday, August 06, 2006

Who Works For Who Here?

There has been a great amount of debate over the recent federal minimum wage increase proposal lately. Whether or not people agree on the matter, the fact is that (adjusted for inflation) the minimum wage is the lowest its been in 50 years. The last time the estimated 7.3 million (5.8% of the workforce) minimum wage workers saw an increase in their paycheck was back in 1997, and many politicians feel that a federal adjustment is not just needed, but long overdue. Other legislators believe that an increase in wages will have an adverse effect on the economy ... yeah, I couldn't quite understand that one either. The adverse effect theory is a little hard to swallow considering that lawmakers in Washington had no problem with giving themselves multiple pay raises over the last decade totaling an increase of $31,600.00 since 1996. Originally, the purpose of electing a representative to serve in Washington was to uphold their respective district's needs and concerns ... what happened?


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