Monday, September 11, 2006

Five Years Later

Patoooohee ... sorry, I'm still trying to get that bad taste out of my mouth after watching President Bush's address from the oval office tonight. September 11th should be a day to reflect on the lives lost from the terrorist attacks five years ago, and not an opportunity to try as sell his "war on terror" (yet again) to the American public. This obvious choice of bad judgment on Mr. Bush's part (in my opinion) can only be viewed as a last ditch effort to try and reach as many Americans as possible while they are tuning to evening news coverage, because any other means of catching their interest by His Presidency have been completely unsuccessful ... simply put, the public just doesn't want to hear his crap anymore. I can only imagine what sort of presidential poo poo address we can all expect to hear on Pearl Harbor Day and the trifecta to follow on Memorial Day.

On 9/11/01, FDNY lost 343 ... you will never be forgotten my brothers. 5 5 5 5.


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