Thursday, October 04, 2007

Bush: If It's Not For Iraq, I'll Just Send It Back

In a massive push to override President Bush's veto of the program that would have doubled the number of children eligible for the State Children's Health Program, democrats really don't have to look any further for public support than simply publicizing the fact President Bush vetoed it. Although President Bush stated he shot down the bill because "it was a step toward federalizing medicine and inappropriately expanded the program beyond it's focus on helping poor children". None the less, resourceful democrats have implemented a plan B ... just in case regular citizens like you and I who oppose the President's veto suddenly find ourselves involved as the subject of "terrorist investigation" because we have an opinion other than the commander-in-chief's and no rights of privacy thanks to the Patriot Act. Plan B is to amend the bill to incorporate that all children that have participated in the Children's Health Program at any point, must serve a four year minimum term in the United States military as part of President Bush's "war for oil" program ... then it will pass without hesitation or budget constraint.


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