Monday, September 17, 2007

Cell Phone Towers: The New Prime Real Estate

In the local paper today, yet another municipality is fighting the installation of a cell phonetower within their jurisdictional limits. Opponents of the new cell phonesite argue that exposure to radiation emitting from the tower on a 24/7 basis may have adverse effects of their families and neighbors health, and that studies on this radiation have not been conclusive enough to support or refute this theory. After reading this article in the morning paper, I made it a point to look at how many people in the course of a day I passed that had cell phones glued to their ears. Amazingly, I found that about 1 in 8 drivers were engaging in cell phone conversations while driving (most via bluetooth headset)and about 1 in 12 people walking around town were actively talking of phones. Society today thrives on communication and all cell phone customers demand good reception (even in remote locations), clear and interruption free calls, and all the bells and whistles that a compact communication device can offer such as GPS, email, textand pictures... but nobody want a tower anywhere near their house. What's interesting is that the ones that are up in arms about transmitter radiation are more than likely the same bunch you see with phones in their hands while en route to the mini market four blocks away from their house, and can't make the trip without finding a reason to call somebody.


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