Sunday, August 28, 2005

Going Postal Kind Of Makes Sence Now

Everyday, all of get those somewhat annoying credit card offers in the mail. It seems they will do almost anything to either get the consumer over their head in debt, or on a more charitable note, propose a better interest rate for balance transfers. Well, I received the promise of a more frugal rate negociation if I applied to a certain card company. Well honestly, who isn't looking for a better deal? With that, I called the organization with a few questions about terms and hidden surprises. After speaking with a pleasant representative for about 20 minutes, I gave all my information to seal the deal. Two weeks later, the correspondence I got was of a completely different proportion. It seems that I cannot receive this "once in a lifetime deal" (their words) because the issuing company has failed to determine my correct address. The letter went on to explain that due to the newly enacted Patriot Act, address confirmation must be attained as to not provide fraudulent credit to persons that may illegally misrepresent themselves. Further, it is my (the consumer) obligation to prove to them (the vendor) that I in fact am who I say I am, and prove my residency by sending them copies of my household bills. Please keep in mind this original offer was mailed to me by them, I did not call or request this offer in any way. What's worse, is they sent back this rejection notice via USPS!


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