Monday, August 29, 2005

WARNING! - Reading This May Cause Reader To Read

It has been said that warning labels are the death of common sense and responsibility. And after reading about, and even witnessing some for myself I would completely agree. What is wrong with us? Are we all as a society that stupid? Don't get me wrong warning labels have their purpose, but these must be based solely on complete absent mindedness. If I were the person employed to figure out how a consumer may abuse my product and possibly expose my company for any possible lawsuit, I would have never come up with an electric hairdryer warning that stated; "do not use while sleeping". Or, a shower cap label that says "Fits one head". As if that is not enough, we also get instructions that offer a very informational and educational how-to-use approach. A packet of airline nuts that brandishes these steps; "open packet, eat nuts". But my all time favorites are the products that caution the very thing they are intended to do. Such as sleeping aids that "may cause drowsiness", or electric hot plates that warn "surface hot". A society that always wants to put the blame elsewhere for a quick buck obviously has manufacturers scrambling to cover their bases. But one aspect still gives me a chuckle though. Anyone wishing to pursue this type of litigation will toss aside any self honor, self respect, and dignity they may have to stand up in a public court and basically admit to all of us that they are actually that dumb. All for an easy dollar.


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