Sunday, September 18, 2005

A Better Community, One Way Or Another

I always thought that people who were involved with community service had only the betterment of the community in mind. The idea is simple; everyone doing a little bit adds up to alot, and ultimately forges a stronger and more cohesive locality. But somehow, possibly from society's "if it doesn't somehow benefit me, why should I bother?" attitude, taking part in this selfless action has evolved to a payment of a debt to society. Doing something good for a stranger or community is punishment handed out by the legal system? Punishment? Does anyone see anything wrong with this? It's no mystery why organizations cannot find volunteers. The one's that are good enough to find the time to donate, are forced to work with felonious people who have no ambition to be there of their own will. I can only imagine the positive working environment that must create. And when society gets the idea that community service makes good retribution for crimes, I would only think this outlook would hamper any prospective volunteers from becoming involved. But to everyone out there who participates in their respective communities with no other payment other than a thank you and a good nights sleep knowing they did their part, I applaud you. Whether it be; Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, volunteer fire departments, volunteer ambulance companies, church groups, and wherever else you may serve, THANK YOU.


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