Friday, September 02, 2005

Giving You Frustrations The Bum's Rush

While wandering the streets of New York City's business district, I came across a panhandler with a different method of personal income. His approach begins with a good vantage point, located outside a major financial firm, that must have been carefully calculated for maximum visibility to potential customers. I guess bummery, somewhat comparable to real estate, is all about "location! location! location!" Due to inherent occupational funding constraints, this man's advertising budget was blatantly limited. He wielded a hand crafted cardboard sign with the word "ABUSE" written on it in permanent marker. To put it simply, for a small fee, any passerby could verbally assault this guy on any topic whatsoever. What better way to blow off some steam after a hard day of stock trading. Therapeutic for the abuser, and a source a revenue for the abusee ... everybody wins. I was glad to see, with this quaint demonstration of supply and demand, that capitalism is still alive and well in this country.


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