Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Don't Worry If You Missed The Beginning, It's On For The Next Three Hours

Don't you just hate those sleepless nights when you just can't seem to doze off? Tossing and turning, over and over again knowing there still lies a full day ahead of you tomorrow? "Well, maybe if I turn the t.v. on for some background noise it will whisk me off to dreamland", you say to yourself. WRONG! You have just crossed the threshold into primetime viewing hours of the ever popular infomercial. Music collections, old video collections, real estate flipping, kitchen appliances, own your own business, and make big money (if you ever sat through this one, they never actually tell you what sort of entrepreneurial adventure awaits) just to name a few. There must be a market out there for this stuff and it must sell. Otherwise, they would have quit invading my television years ago. We all hate the adds, and yet they endure. I really can't help but wonder the true strategy with this type of marketing. Is the whole point of late night advertising to creep into the subconscious mind of a sleeping potential customer? Or, is it just more fiscally functional to purchase air time late at night? Either way, infomercials are apparently here to stay. We'll all just have to catch other waves with our channel surfing to avoid wiping out with "experts" that have lofty degrees selling us a natural cure for baldness that is made from spinach, sea sponges, and micro ground coffee beans.


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