Thursday, September 01, 2005

"Doctors Are Like Car Mechanics, It's Their Job To Find Something Wrong" - My Father

There is no doubt about it. The medical profession today has convinced this entire country that we all have some sort of disease, syndrome, or condition. It goes without question that there are legitimate health concerns and conditions for people no matter what their age. But honestly, we have far surpassed the point of warranted doctor's visits and genuine illnesses. Every time we turn on the television we are greeted with another acronym ailment. This especially bothers me when it comes to children. If the parents want to live their lives afraid of everything under the sun, (and even the sun) to each their own. But unfortunately, kids learn by watching Mom and Dad. So every time they get a sniffle or frog in the throat, we take them to a physician and pump them full of medication whether they need it or not. Consequently, today's youth pretty much gets a "get out of jail free card" for any type of activity. What happens when this comes full circle and the children of yesterday become the caretakers of today? How will we be treated? Just a thought. The bottom line, in my opinion is this; People have been on this Earth for quite a long time, give yourselves some credit for surviving all these generations. Humans are a little tougher than most give them credit for.


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