Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I See Money In My Future

When you call a psychic hotline, why does the mystical person on the other end of the telephone insist on asking you're birthday and/or name? If these enchanted ones actually had any talent at all, they would be expecting to hear from you. And in the event you were running late, why not call you? After all, they are psychic. Let's suppose for one minute they did possess some sort of clairvoyant power. Well then, why are they employed at some rag tag hotline? Why not hit it big in Vegas? Why not Powerball? Why not even a less direct approach and take on some extra cash by tipping over all the church picnics and fireman carnivals? Believe it or not, I did call them to answer these burning questions. There seems to be a psychic SOP to tell any potential customers that inquire about authenticity that their powers cannot be used to benefit themselves .... yada .... yada .... yada. How noble of them to be so selfless. Keep that in mind when your credit card bill comes.


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