Tuesday, September 20, 2005

... This May Be Hard To Swallow

While on the way home from work the other day, a local radio station had a guest in the studio with a very unique talent; a sword swallower. And from the sound of it, I can only imagine he was giving a live demonstration to the dj's. (Proof? One of the radio personalities was apparently in some sort of digestive distress.) In fact, this particular gentleman was one of the few who actually can dine on multiple swords at the same time. This truly amazing feat of scoffing a saber is something I have never witnessed, but it must be completely astounding to see in person. Which led me to wonder, how on Earth would any of us ever know we possessed such a capability? It's not like we wake up on a lazy Saturday, go out to the garage to find a sword, and see if we can touch our large intestines with it. And in the event you wanted to seek full time employment in this field, is there some sort of sword swallowing trade school? Or, is this home study only?


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