Sunday, November 20, 2005

How Much Is Too Much?

Today's kids have technological toys, games, and gizmos that younger generations never had, or even thought imaginable. In almost any household, it's not uncommon to find children glued to the television playing with an xbox or PS2. Although, I must admit ... I am a junky when it comes to home entertainment video games, there comes a point when too much time is spent playing them. Some "experts" say that kids playing these games, over long periods of time, start to lose basic skills that differentiate between what's real and what's virtual. Personally, I think kids are a little smatter than that, and have no trouble with such distinguishment. (Many years ago, "experts" also believed that when a patient was sick, "bad blood" needed to be drained from the body ... look how that turned out.) I can't help but wonder if the reason childhood obesity is on such an incline in this country is due to the amount of time spent gaming. If this theory is true, imagine the long term health ramifications this generation faces.


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