Tuesday, November 22, 2005

... And You Wondered What Happened To The Cabbage Patch Generation

I couldn't believe my eyes this morning! It's already started! People waiting for hours, even days, in lines to be the first to purchase their kids the xbox 360because it's the "perfect holiday gift". Some have gone so far as to literally camp (with tents) in the parking lots of stores to be the first to acquire this toy their kids just can't live without. I do admire Mom and Dad's determination to please their children, but would these same parents be willing to dedicate that sort of time to a teachers conference or get involved with Jr.'s hobbies? Do the little ones really want the xbox 360, or do they just crave attention so desperately that the knowledge of Mom and Dad traversing the countryside finding the Holy Grail of gifts will fill the attention deficit in an indirect fashion. All parents want the best for their families, only to some, the best is merely material items that get outgrown ... just like Cabbage Patch Dolls.


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