Monday, November 21, 2005

Bathroom Humor

Humor can be found in the strangest of places sometimes ... even in the bathroom. Today I saw a sign above the urinal reminding employees and customers alike to wash their hands after using the facilities. The sign, located just a few inches higher than the flush valve, stated only "wash hands". Although the brightly colored reminder was short and to the point, I couldn't help but think that eventually some yahoo would probably attempted to scrub up in the urinal and not the sink. Such a sign would probably be best served on the back of the entrance/exit door for absentminded people, rather than imply most patrons and workers would have enough sense to use the sink. After making that observation, I began to ponder some of the more stellar slogan and sayings I have happened across in bathrooms over the years. One read, "Any loser can pee on the floor ... but, it takes a real champ to poop on the ceiling." Of course such words of wisdom only sparked my curiosity, causing me to look up. No, there wasn't anything there ... whew. The next snazzy slogan was acquired from a dive bar somewhere in Philadelphia; "No matter how good she looks, so other guy, somewhere, is sick of her s#*t." Obviously, this phrase can be easily interchangeable to either gender, so ladies please hold off on the hate mail. After all, I read it in the men's bathroom. This whole story leads me to one point; Although funny to read, who goes to the bathroom with the intent of writing on the walls?


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